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You need really effective aid against parasites? You might have a problem that has not been able to solve the funds available in pharmacies. Most often happens that someone manages to solve such a problem for a while, and then it returns, or is replaced by the new. For example, your child eats poorly, is pale and rapidly fatigue, poor growing. The doctor advised you to abandonee worms, and after taking vormil or other drugs, indeed, left roundworms. For a while the symptoms disappear, but then come back again, and added to them - nausea or diarrhea. Diagnostic tests giardia, and they already have to cope metrid, or other similar hard substance. But the improvement is temporary, and further to the already existing problems added pyelonephritis or STD(for girls). Allergies, permanent ARI - it would better if would dispense with diabetes or rheumatoid problems. It happens that such treatment lasts for years and not only among children. In adults, for instance, not to mention a variety of diseases of internal organs, the case may end up arthritis, or even already terrible consequences.

What is the problem? Oh, all in the same parasites. Just have to think, you join the fight not with some one guise of parasite, and with the increased (for some reason) pathogenic microflora living your body! It is hundreds of species of these small enemies, and every kind struggling for a place in life, paving their way over the bodies of soldiers killed in battle.

You expelled worms and the protozoa took immediately freed place, the same giardia. You killed part of giardia, and the fungi flourish in their bodies with a lush color. And all this is happening against the backdrop of the oppressed immunity. Reducing the body's immune protection became the first impulse, which violated the balance of microflora and allowed the parasites to multiply uncontrollably.

And how much would you have fought it with a single or another type of parasites, ultimately remain the most persistent and dangerous types, and the body immunity will breaking increasingly, as the dead parasites emit toxins that are gradually poisoning the blood - the main stronghold of the immune system.

If immunity is strong, then a little help from the outside will help the body to regain control of rioting microflora. But who is so strong now? It is no secret that the problem of parasitic invasions today acute worldwide. And the latest research data show that 95 percents of all diseases - including such seemingly "non-parasitic" as arthritis, cancer, diabetes - have their pathogens.

Then what is the way out? As you have already, of course, offensive against parasites may be not alone, but simultaneously, strengthening the immune system in the same moment. That is, an integrated drug is needed that acts directly to the broadest possible spectrum of pathogens, and at the same time possessed properties stimulating the immunity. This problem is not for an amateur! Fortunately, dilettantes no dealing with this problem, but the highly qualified professionals.

And a solution to this problem is found!
It's name is

What would you say if you suggested natural medicine with which you will be able to:
      - in the short term take rescue the body from nearly 1000 species of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and worms;
      - get rid of many chronic diseases caused by the invasions of parasites;
      - take a cleansing of all organs and body systems of slag, toxins and unnecessary fat savings;
      - normalize the immune system and raise the level of hemoglobin to 130-140 g/l;
      - fill organism of necessary vitamins and minerals;
      - improve digestion, restore normal bowel function;
      - release of the liver and pancreas from undue pressures, regenerate their cell structure;
      - normalize the work of the kidneys and water exchange in the body;
      - provide antioxidant protection of body and delay tumor cells growth?

And to all this, perhaps even surprised himself, you can get rid of other problems that become over the years, such as allergies, chronic bronchitis and asthma, skin diseases, steam, etc., etc. Because the organism burden dropped to fight two fronts, can work wonders in the full sense of the word!

As the saying goes, can hardly believe that. Nobody calls you to blindly believe in all this. But the same you address for advice to specialists on important issues for you - let's listen to speak health care professionals about this.

offensive against parasites

Olga Eliseeva, doctor of medicine, medical practitioner experienced the highest category, a leading expert of bio-resonance testing in Russia, the well-known author of many books on healing (Moscow)

      "Under the influence of different kinds of stress and unfavourable environmental situation overall human immunity is declining and infectious and parasitic agents, undergoing mutations, are able to enter new areas and groups of our body organs. Resulting, some laboratory methods are outdated, and the results of analyses derived from it are erroneous. As a result is not recognized in time the true causes of a disease, inaccurate or erroneous diagnoses.

      Generally, viruses seem launcher element, and bacteria - initiators staging for the arrival of heavy, destroying technology - fungi and big parasites. This is insidious war without rules for our body - a life and death. The enemies are not only insidious, but also cunning; they do not declare war openly. They erode gradually and quietly the immunity and vitality of its host, then pack it for its ubiquitous powerful forces - fungi and other parasites."

Tamara Svischeva, chemist and researcher, the author of the series of books "Intellect and labor against parasites." (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

      "The current doctors, undeservedly forgotten works of their glorious predecessors, and excluding people from the knowledge of their own body, fully undertake the care of their health. But betrayed oblivion fundamental biomedical axiom: "Any disease, if not trauma, is the reaction of the organism to its pathogens or consequence of pathogenic effects of alien micro- and microorganisms on the human body", modern doctors were unable to treat us..."

antiparasitic therapy

Tatiana Znaemskaya, clinical instructor of Mechnikov League with 21-years of service (Zaporizhzya, Ukraine).

      "As a result of parasitic infections, diseases and disorders will suffer, such as: allergies, arthritis, rheumatism, gnashing of teeth (bruxism), colitis, diabetes, fatigue, headaches, hypoglycemia, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, nausea, pain in the neck, sinusitis, sexual disorders, violations of the thyroid gland, mineral imbalance, insomnia, vomiting even cancer. The immune system is opposed to all human pathogenic microorganisms and diseases - this phenomenon called resistance of the body and is the basis of a specific natural immunity.

      If the immunity begins out of order, it is blessed time for parasites. Suppressing useful microflora, they win the gastrointestinal tract and can spread in many systems and organs; their toxins poisoning the entire body. Therefore, the treatment of many diseases to start with antiparasitic therapy and general cleaning of the body.

      ParaProtex is the broad-spectrum product, which provides antiparasitic, antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-virus effect, helps the body get rid of the fungal and parasitic infections, and normalizes the process of metabolism. The composition of ParaProtex includes ten of medicinal plants, which operate synergetic, that is increase the effect of each other. The result ensures simultaneous powerful impact on the large number of microparasites while withdrawal of toxins formed in their death from the body. I thank the scientists who developed the ParaProtex formula, as well as leadership of CaliVita International for the possibility of use this wonderful drug."

ParaProtex destroys wide range of parasites

Elena Melnychuk, a physician with 25-years of service (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

      "I am attending physician, and I do not accept at face value anything that representatives of different companies offer us, as yet another panacea. For more than 2 years, I have worked with diagnostic apparatus "Oberon" and saw at first hand how an individual should be treated, even with similar symptoms of disease in different patients. Generally schemes often need to be supplemented to ensure that the treatment was effective. But one problem is common to virtually all chronic patients - this is a "gentleman's set" of parasites, which is revealed in a computer diagnosis. How can I not believe to Olga Eliseeva, which argues that most chronic diseases are parasitic basis! And the seriously treatment is not possible without prior cleaning of parasites.

      When I started to use a new antiparasitic drug ParaProtex, I faced a surprising fact: in many cases, after two weeks of admission drugs previously identified types of parasites stopped diagnosed, and also symptoms of the disease disappeared! Even at the time the survey, 2 months after the end of treatment, diagnosis revealed no recurrence, while after treatment schemes for standard tests often repeated again give a positive result. I connect this with the fact that ParaProtex not only destroys wide range of parasites, but also enhances immunity than warns re-infection. And it is very important that ParaProtex does not contain strong toxic substances, so it could take a month, which strongly enhances the effectiveness of treatment."

ParaProtex is a modern antiparasitic drug

Jaroslava Andrushchenko, clinical therapist with 32-years of service (Kolomyya, Ukraine)

      "In our computer lab diagnosis are usually treated people who had not received enough help in the clinic or hospital. Many of them suffer from chronic diseases for years, and the treatment he has only a temporary respite. Over time, new diseases are added, and the general health was deteriorating. In such cases, diagnosis allows assessing the extent of the defeat of the various bodies and appointing no symptomatic treatment, but courses aimed at addressing the causes of the disease. Because such treatment is a long, we draw great attention to the use of natural drugs, giving no harmful effects in their daily admission within one or two months.

      ParaProtex, which I already using about three years is a new opportunity to address a wide range of chronic health problems. I remember the patient, which turned to us with complaints of the general deterioration of health after coming from Italy. She disappeared appetite, a skin rash, pain in the right side and shortness of breath. In her story, in Italy, she often suffered digestive disorders and other ill, and took antibiotics. When we had a diagnosis, we saw not a single entity, which would not diagnosed fungi. Of course, I appointed her ParaProtex. Improvement came after a week and a month, all complaints have disappeared completely, and at the time the survey fungi not found. ParaProtex is a modern antiparasitic drug, and I do not know so far better means to protect themselves against parasites."

ParaProtex is a real salvation

Violetta Tylchik, pharmacist of higher qualification; work experience - 35 years (Lviv, Ukraine)

      Trihomonas and other parasites are common in the human body, then is not surprising that they raise a many number of diseases. Many medical are shocking of announcement that the human blood is non-sterile. But how can it be sterile, while the main blood decontaminator is thyroid gland, at the expense of iodine contained in it. When there is a deficiency of iodine - there is a surplus of parasites. And who is not suffering of iodine deficiency, but at the same time of selenium deficiency, which is also necessary for the thyroid? If you have hypothyroidism, and you have designated L-thyroxin, the iodine in the body is not added of this, which means that organism is occupied for all than you want.

      Incidentally, cellulite is also something similar, and the fungus is sitting there, these fat cells. Cholesterol low density is a product of Trichomonias. Diabetes of prime type is possible because of trichomoniasis. Arthritis and scoliosis are the same. And what said the title of book "A heart attack is a blood cancer", written by Olga Eliseeva?

      Such complexes, as ParaProtex are real salvation to so many people. I have three years studying this drug and watch for its use. Perhaps the most surprising feature of his is the fact that with such a wide range of exposure to pathogens, it does not oppresses friendly microflora of organism, which means that not only does not destroy, but on the contrary, strengthens the immune system. I recommend starting treatment virtually any chronic disease with ParaProtex course, and healthy people - to take it preventive twice a year, spring and autumn".

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paraprotex, antiparasitic drug against fungi, worms, viruses

   Dear Guest! Of course, you understand that health problems must be resolved without delay in a long box. The longer you tolerate uninvited tenants, the more ownership they have to feel in your body and the more damage you can cause.

   The wonderful medicine PARAPROTEX will shows quickly to your enemies who is really owner in your house!

Why PARAPROTEX is such good?

This is a 100% natural product.

This is absolutely safe product.

This product operates on the widest possible range of parasites, while also strengthening the body's protective force.

It contains 10 medicinal plants that have sanitation and anti inflammatory properties, as well as provide a rich set of vitamins and minerals:

      Rangoon creeper fruit
     A plant indigenous to India. They make an ointment from its leaves. In popular medicine it is applied for its anti-virus and anthelmintic properties.

     It is very effective against worms, and the low toxicity makes it a perfect drug

     Possesses disinfectant qualities.

      Myrrh      Strengthens the immune system, protects the liver against toxic substances and helps its functioning. Its rich potassium, sodium, silicon, zinc and chlorine content cleanses the body from waste material.

      Cloves oil
     Its active agent eugenol is a powerful antioxidant. Its active agent junglan is important in the protection against parasites.

      Pau D'Arco
     Research in the years 1979-1980 showed that Pau d'Arco is effective against viral infections, parasites, and cancer of all types.

      Black walnut
     Black walnut contains many organic iodine, cleans the blood, increases the bodys resistance

      Walnut oil
     Walnut oil has antiparazitic effect, creates a wonderful synergy with other components of PARAPROTEX.

      Grapefruit seed
     It is an extremely powerful antiseptic agent; however it would not damage the environment. And which is most unbelievable, it is mild on friendly intestinal bacteria.

     Its composition rich in vitamins and minerals is very useful for the body. In popular medicine it has been applied for centuries against parasites possibly living in the intestines.

ParaProtex, thanks to its ingredients, has a stimulating effect on digestion as well, and can be an excellent supplement of detoxifying regimes.

ParaProtex kills about 1000 species of parasites: worms, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, viruses. One unit contains 100 tablets and has a full course of treatment or prevention within one month, for 3-4 pills a day.

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